Katja Saposhkov

For Katja Saposhkov, born in the Ukraine in 1971, artistic talent was already evident very early. Already as a young girl she painted and drew wherever and whenever she could. She quickly developed her own recognizable style and impressed art teachers with her obvious sensitivity for colours. At 15, Katja began her four-year study of painting at the Art Academy in Kiev and, immediately afterwards, participated in various art exhibitions held in the Ukraine and other European countries as well.

In 1994, Katja Saposhkov exhibited at the Galerie Menssen. After initial speech and logistical hurdles were overcome and cooperation became more effective, the gallery took over the sole representation rights of the busy creative artist. Since then, numerous international exhibitions with works by Katja Saposhkov – have also been organized worldwide.

Katja Saposhkov paints seemingly poetic pictures, telling a story through them. Most of their themes are about feelings and love. They show scenes of paradise, people in festive and exuberant mood, femininity, fish, and harlequins. The artist combines in variations of very different kinds. Katja reflects a dream world through her works: she lets figures fly through the motif, makes the body stretch in an anatomically impossible way and shows the attentive viewer moods of longing, melancholy and female intuition. Particularly striking is the impressive range of colours, stylistic devices and techniques, which Saposhkov uses to create her expressive subjects. In the considerably more than six hundred completed works created by her between 1994-2009 and catalogued by the Galerie Menssen an astonishing wealth of variation, without exhaustive repetitions becomes evident, - testimony to Katya‘s highly developed art. Saposhkov explains this peculiarity thus: I paint my feelings. Today my feelings are different from yesterday, so my pictures are different today than the ones I painted yesterday.

Artwork by Katja Saposhkov are already coveted collectors’ items. After many years, many of their owners still find themselves drawn into the spell through the tension between the decorative effect and wealth of content. This explains, among other things, why the works of the warm and friendly artist enjoy such great popularity and are now part of many, mostly private collections in the German speaking area and abroad.


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