Professor Karsten Hein

Right from childhood Karsten Hein, born in Hamburg in 1937, was very interested particularly in technical things. As soon as he had examined them, ideas came fast and furious on how to improve or alter them. Thus in 1958, he began a four-year course at the Art College in Hamburg, following which he studied at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts for several more years. After successful participation in 1966 in a public tender with his own designs, he was offered a position teaching at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Karsten Hein was a teacher, lecturer and since 1980 Professor for three-dimensional design in Hamburg for over forty years.

Karsten Hein committed himself to constructive art early in his career. The development of three-dimensional objects made of metal, wood and plastic, and concrete painting, are still the most important areas of his work. Prof. Hein has been able to develop a unique handwriting, which has earned him much recognition and awards and prizes at international Constructivist congresses and symposia. His works have been shown at art exhibitions and art fairs in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

The personal encounter and the occasional exchange of letters with Richard Paul Lohse, the greatest Swiss Artist of concrete art movement was an incisive and groundbreaking experience for Karsten Hein. During their long correspondence, Lohse praised Hein‘s work on several occasions and encouraged him in his efforts. The north German Artist was very reassured by the fact that many of his artistic views and working methods coincided with those of Richard Paul Lohse – at that time already a prominent artist.

To date, Karsten Hein’s work includes several hundred paintings, sculptures and some print editions. With absolute precision and uncompromising standards of quality, Hein skilfully transposes his brilliant ideas single-handedly. His Farbklangmuster (Pattern of Colour and Sound), which he paints with Swiss acrylic pigments on canvas,  requiring approximately 12 months for each completion, draw one magically under their spell. Not a single module in these unique paintings is placed arbitrarily. The colour patterns are systematically established in accordance with strict laws and have to be understood as partially sophisticated mathematical constructions. In some of his painted works, the artist even makes musical elements experienceable at a purely visual level in a unique way. Once understood in their conceptual uniqueness Karsten Heins works may certainly be recognized as major works of constructive art - and as masterpieces of engineering and painting as well.

Since completing his teaching assignment at the academy, Karsten Hein has been devoted exclusively to his artistic matters. Driven by ever new and exciting ideas he constantly creates in his studio, located in the north of Hamburg, he produces new paintings and sculptures. Through the cooperation with the Galerie Menssen also in the north of Hamburg, these fascinating works are being exhibited.


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