The 1940 born GEORGE K. has lived since his younger days in Germany. Having been trained as a mechanical engineer his expert knowledge made him much in demand. Along with the technical tasks in his professional life he feels the need to be creative and begins painting in his spare time. Joining the private academy LEORNARDO in Hamburg he starts to attend art-courses there for many years. He also participates in numerous painting-expeditions to Egypt, Andalusia, Greece, India as well as Tuscany and immerses into different countries’ cultures, examination also important art- and history-eras. This all influences his artistic concern in a significant way. In the late 1980s he is prepared to live out his creative potential on full-time basis.

GEORGE remarkable artistic development becomes apparent in the change of his output: an alteration from two- to three-dimensional work. Beginning first with embellishing his pictures with small jewel- or decorative pieces before 1990, he then opens the pictures’ surfaces furthermore by installations of bigger, eye-catching objects, electrically connected, and completed by functional units of old repaired, entertainment electronical devices. Not quite 10 years after his early collage-works he has come to what can be referred to as his present-day characteristic creations: temple-shaped light objects. They shine in different decorative shades of colours, offer radio reception as well as play-back possibilities for music-CDs and digital audio dimensions. Also kinetic elements which are set and boosted by hidden switches and adjustment wheels intensify great fascination. The latest, unique light-objects, attract people of very different social classes. Many smile spontaneously and marvel as soon as they realize that the specific works of art are not only unusual living accessories, but can also be used as audio equipment with lovely clear sounds. With his inventive, inter-cultural, technical, loving, humorous and at the same time off-key played to the gallery art GEORGE keeps pace with today’s trends. His style is unique, authentic and stands out on the market – across borders.


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